MARILYN' S MANSION was PLY's submission for the 2006 SHINKENCHIKU Residential Design competition under the theme "THE PLANLESS HOUSE"

architecture promoted in western culture deals mainly with the surplus value of “home”, as a status symbol, a seductive image,a fetish or one’s dream commodity (the extension of his sense and senses). Whatever the social or psychological task architecture has to assume, it is clearly underlined that we have attached additional values and aspirations to the most private of spaces that surround us, our homes, and that if we had to go back to seeing the “house” plainly as a shelter providing safety+ protection , that would have to be the result of a very generous sub/ab straction

the idea for the planless house is a dwelling apparatus which meets the demands of a nomad or commuter.It is about a simple clothe pattern made out of very light and water-proof common tent canopy which, when zipped and hooked over the subway grid, shapes into a polyhedric dome. hot air coming out from the ventilation is trapped inside thus forming its static barrier. for the obvious coherence, this item was named MARILYN’S MANSiON.